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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh My Sick Lord

I consider myself an intelligent person. I read books; I went to college; I have a full-time job; I StumbleUpon on an obsessive basis (hey, you learn some great things that way).

Well, one I apparently StumbledUpon a little self-discovery. There's this website that has quizzes like How Many X's Can You Name In Y Minutes? Well, I was browsing the options...I can you name the 10 body parts that are commonly named with three letters (arm, leg, lip, jaw etc.) in two minutes? Well...needless to say a first grader could pass that quiz and I missed four of them.

So, my ego was already quite bruised at this point (who can't think of rib!?) and I scanned the other quizzes for my redemption. Well, I passed right by Poets, Authors (even Stephen King) and settled on something I KNEW I would own...

The ingredients of a Big Mac.

I don't mean to brag...but I got them all with over a minute left.

I need medication.

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