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Friday, August 15, 2008

Old Man Crush? UPDATED

Do you ever see old men and your heart just breaks?

I mean, honestly, they could be drinking shots at a bar and slurring their words and my heart just hurts.

But the worst situation is when they are alone somewhere. They could have been murderers, robbers, Satan, child molesters (which my mom likes to assume) but all of that is forgiven when they start cashing in their Social Security checks.

A little old man that is in my dad's bar every morning conversed with me today:

"How's your job going?" he yelled while adjusting his hearing aid.
"Good, real good." I say, not wanting to disappoint him with the stresses of life.
"I'm glad. I'm very, very happy for you," he said like he was my grandpa at graduation.

Of course I couldn't say much more than that considering 90% of our conversations are lost on his suffering ears. So, I just smiled at him gratefully.

But this old man is in the bar everyday. When my dad plays he and his wife's song on the jukebox he stands up and looks out the window studying the traffic. He stands there the entire length of the song and gently sways.

If you aren't choking on your own vomit with tears right now you have no soul.

I've also seen quite a few old men eating alone lately and all I want to do is crawl into the chair across for them and pretend I'm a Golden Girl for their sake...well and for mine. Where are their wives? There can't be this many single old men in the world. Or maybe their wives are at home packing their bags because their sick of them sitting at the bar spending their life savings and talking to 20-somethings?

Whatever, those old bags should be grateful for how lucky they've got it.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I do the same thing. Whenever I see an old man or an old lady eating out alone I'm like, "Where is their family?! Are they alone?" and I desperately want to join them. But then I feel stupid and shy. What a vicious cycle.